Safety in the bathroom with toughened safety glass

The manufactured in our own glass plant of HSK according to EN 12150 safety glass (ESG) impresses with its pronounced quality and brilliance! Manufactured and tested according to strict DIN regulations uncompromising, it is surprising, despite its noble transparency by exceptional material properties such as high elasticity and fracture, impact and shock resistance.

The resistance to external influences, as well as thermal loads, provides reliable security during assembly and in particular the everyday use in the bathroom - even if it sometimes things get turbulent!

If, however, but one of the extreme cases occur and a high point load bounce on the glass, this is divided into countless small crumbs. Thus, the emergence of dangerous shards and consequent injury is prevented.

Real glass is thus far more resilient than many places accepted! Rely on the high security of HSK shower made of glass - no matter what noble glass and structural variant -"clear light","gray","chinchilla","Carré","Perla light"or with Glasses art.