Bath screens

Softcube Pendulum, 2-piece

The new bath top Softcube pendulum offers optimal splash protection and ease of use by a fixed glass panel in combination with a 90 degrees pendelbaren inward and outward door part. The high-quality all-metal hinges have a built-raised / lowering mechanism and ensure thanks to their inside glass flush design for easy maintenance after showering. An optional slimline handle may also facilitate the handling of the 6 mm glass panel with wet hands.

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With the new configurator function, you can now put together your personal shower. Select the features your desire and print out your configured datasheet directly.


Die speziell auf Echtglas-Duschabtrennungen abgestimmte Edelglas-Beschichtung minimiert das Antrocknen von Wassertropfen und das Festsetzen von Schmutz und Kalk. Die Reinigung wird einem damit erleichtert – allerdings nicht erspart.


Details_Premium Softcube Scharnier


The series Premium Softcube models inspire through the gently rounded design, easy to clean, inside glass flush hinges and functional clip profiles.