Saloon Doors for Recess

This 2-piece niche solution is ideally suited for micro bathrooms. The built-in profiles which can be raised / lowering mechanism allows the door to swing easily and makes them real glass shower so a great solution for the whole family.

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ArtikelNr adjustment entry width shower Trays height
411070 40 mm 500 mm 700mm 1850 / 2000 mm
411075 40 mm 587 mm 750mm 2000 mm
411080 40 mm 637 mm 800mm 2000 mm
411090 40 mm 737 mm 900mm 2000 mm
411100 40 mm 830 mm 1000mm 2000 mm
411500 20 mm 600 - 1600mm x 600 - 1600mm 1650 - 2200 mm


Duschkabine_Button_edelglas Kopie
Die speziell auf Echtglas-Duschabtrennungen abgestimmte Edelglas-Beschichtung minimiert das Antrocknen von Wassertropfen und das Festsetzen von Schmutz und Kalk. Die Reinigung wird einem damit erleichtert – allerdings nicht erspart.


Duschkabine_Button_hebsenk Kopie
Die integrierte Heb-/Senk-Technik der Scharniere hebt die Glaselemente beim Öffnen leicht an und senkt diese sanft in die Schließposition zurück.


Details_Heb Senk


The rise and fall hinge of the Exclusiv profile lifts the door when opened slightly. When closed, it sits comfortable on the tray or wet floor.

Details_Exklusiv Stabilisationsbuegel


The Exclusiv stabilising bar ensures "highest safety and a solid fit". Visually and technically perfectly matched

Details_Exklusiv Stangengriff


The Exclusiv bar handle, like the knob handle, offers a comfortable handling of the 6mm toughened safety glass doors. The Handle is perfectly matched to the Exclusiv design's gentle curves.

Details_Exklusiv Griff


The new Exclusiv handle options - the standard knob handle and optional slimline handle shine through high-quality glass surfaces and ergonomic design.