Sliding door Quadrant

This exclusive round shower solution inspired by the gentle glide of the high quality door elements and top quality finishes. The massive handles slide completely behind the hard elements, thus offering maximum access.
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ArtikelNr adjustment segment Mass entry width Radius shower Trays height
1785024550 20 mm 360 / 660 mm 520 mm 550 mm 1200mm x 900mm 2000 mm
1785025550 20 mm 660 / 360 mm 520 mm 550 mm 900mm x 1200mm 2000 mm
1785090550 20 mm 360 mm 525 mm 550 mm 900mm x 900mm 2000 mm
1785100550 20 mm 460 mm 525 mm 550 mm 1000mm x 1000mm 2000 mm
1785500550 20 mm 550 mm 2000 mm


Die speziell auf Echtglas-Duschabtrennungen abgestimmte Edelglas-Beschichtung minimiert das Antrocknen von Wassertropfen und das Festsetzen von Schmutz und Kalk. Die Reinigung wird einem damit erleichtert – allerdings nicht erspart.




The consistently shaped series Atelier and Atelier Pur's coordinated stabilising bar secures the 8mm side panel and In-Line panel.


Easy care

The interior glass flush design of the hinges facilitate the daily care of the real glass shower. Simply peel off after the shower with a glass wiper. Finished!



The studio-wall profile not only provides an optimal adjustment, but also facilitates the care provided by the fully covered fixing.



The square studio Hinge set noble accents in the bathroom. The clear language of form is emphasized by the high quality finish and the functional can be raised / lowering technology.