Fulcrum Door

Timeless beauty and highly functional. The upstream pivot point of the door allows the use even in problem situations such as interfering radiators, window or wall projections.

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With the new configurator function, you can now put together your personal shower. Select the features your desire and print out your configured datasheet directly.


ArtikelNr adjustment entry width shower Trays height
150100 Ni 40 mm 570 mm 1000mm 2000 mm
150075 Ni 40 mm 480 mm 750mm 2000 mm
150080 Ni 40 mm 480 mm 800mm 2000 mm
150500 Ni 40 mm 1405-2000 mm
150090 Ni 40 mm 570 mm 900mm 2000 mm
130070 20 mm 700mm 1850 mm
130100 20 mm 1000mm 1850 mm
131100 20 mm 1000mm 1600 mm
160075 20 mm 750mm 2000 mm
160080 20 mm 800mm 2000 mm
160090 20 mm 900mm 2000 mm
160500 650 - 1200mm 1650-2000 mm


Die speziell auf Echtglas-Duschabtrennungen abgestimmte Edelglas-Beschichtung minimiert das Antrocknen von Wassertropfen und das Festsetzen von Schmutz und Kalk. Die Reinigung wird einem damit erleichtert – allerdings nicht erspart.



Care thus simplify

The factory premium glass coating covers the invisible pores of the glass. The dried water droplets, soap scum, dirt and limescale is noticeably reduced. This facilitates regular cleaning



The noble aluminum closing profile of the favorite-folding doors underlines the solid and timeless character.