Raum für mehr Wohnlichkeit

The slim design of Sky radiators give even the smallest of spaces a dynamic touch. The modern arrangement of the flat heating ribs is not only aesthetic, but also offers the highest heating power in a small space. Two color options are available, together with a made to measure option. Additional flexibility is offered by the optional towel rail.



thermal output

Item No. BxH 75/65/20 55/45/20 75/55/24
812180 295 x 1800 1374 619 966
814180 415 x 1800 1916 863 1347
815180 595 x 1800 2750 1239 1934
If a heating cost allocator (HVAC) is to be installed for heating the radiator, please contact the manufacturer of these appliances before purchasing the radiator. The possibilities for equipment can vary between the respective manufacturers.