Premium Classic

Transparent Freshness in the bathroom

Circular shower, 4-piece (asymmetric)

Classic design, an extensive colour palette and attractive glass decors made of 6 mm thick safety glass meet the highest standards of appearance and material.
Premium Classic


Details_Detailansciht Premium Classic Scharnier

Easy care

The standard interior glass flush Premium Classic hinges form a perfect unit with toughened safety glass. After the shower, the water can easily be removed with a squeegee. Convincing: the wide variety of standard and special colours!


Care thus simplify

The factory premium glass coating includes the invisible pores of the glass. The dried water droplets and the settling of soap scum, dirt and lime is noticeably reduced. This facilitates regular cleaning.

Details_Detailansicht verkürzte Seitenwand auf Badewanne


In combination with a bathtub provides a shortened sidewall at an ideal connection option. The position of the premium side wall next to the bathtub enables easy and simple cleaning.

Details_Detailansicht Softcube Stabilisationsbügel


Der auf die Anforderungen der vielfältigen Modellpalette der Serie Premium Classic abgestimmte Stabilisationsbügel sorgt für einen sicheren Stand der 6 mm starken Glaselemente. Er passt perfekt zu allen lieferbaren Profilfarben.

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