Folding door for recess

Folding door for recess

The variety of models with sophisticated functionality ensures carefree showering pleasure - every day! Choose from many colors and real-profile and art glass.

Die speziell auf Echtglas-Duschabtrennungen abgestimmte Edelglas-Beschichtung minimiert das Antrocknen von Wassertropfen und das Festsetzen von Schmutz und Kalk. Die Reinigung wird einem damit erleichtert – allerdings nicht erspart.
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Thanks to a special cleaning system of sliding doors that can be folded away the inside. Profiles without corners and edges make cleaning easier.


Care thus simplify

The factory premium glass coating covers the invisible pores of the glass. The dried water droplets, soap scum, dirt and limescale is noticeably reduced. This facilitates regular cleaning

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The standard towel bar can be fitted on any side panel of fixed front panel - directly where it is needed - at the shower!



The noble aluminum closing profile of the favorite-folding doors underlines the solid and timeless character.

Completely configure your individual shower;
tailored for you.

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